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New Diagnostic Equipment!

A&E Garage services has recently invested in the

Snap-on Zeus.

Vehicle diagnostics just got a whole lot more interesting!

The Snap-on Zeus is the latest and most up to date computer for code scanning and diagnostic fault finding, with key features such as a 4 channel oscilloscope, ADAS recalibration reports, Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics: Highlights vehicle data that is out of expected range, along with indications for common faults and repairs for all vehicles.

You maybe asking yourself "How does this benefit me as a customer?".

The main benefits to the customer are that faults can be found faster and more accurately, which in turn saves the customer money because we can target issues with faulty parts a lot more easily. On top of this we can provide you the customer with visual representation of what we are seeing and how we arrived at the conclusion we have about your vehicle.

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