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Our Services

Here at A&E Garage Services we offer a wide range of services to cater for every individual customer that bring their vehicles to us. This allows us to make the experience for the customer as beneficial as possible and carry out jobs that other garages may not be able to.

A&E Garage Services

Service & Repair

A&E Garage Services offer standard service and repair work carried out at the highest quality by our three current technicians.

A&E Garage Services

4 Wheel Alignment

Our 4 wheel alignment gauges use cutting-edge technology and extensive use of Bluetooth connectivity. Our wheel alignment is accurate to 0.1mm, and give readings within two minutes.

A&E Garage Services

Air Conditioning

There are currently two types of air conditioning gases in passenger cars and here at A&E Garage services we offer both gases, allowing us carry out air conditioning re charges on all types of vehicles.

A&E Garage Services


Currently A&E Garage Services can offer up to class 5 MOT's

A&E Garage Services


Diagnostics and fault finding is as common as service and repair work in todays world. Our Bosch diagnostic computer is up to date and ready for any strange issues you might have with your vehicle.

A&E Garage Services

Collection & Delivery

We offer collection and delivery for any customer who may require their vehicle to be brought in for work to be carried out.

What Our Customers Say

A&E Garage Services

Joe Brownlie, Customer, Google Review

Very good customer service. Squeezed me in on the day. Well recommended.

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