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Our Use of Forte Products

A&E Garage Services are now incorporating Forte products into our Jobs.

Forté is a name that is synonymous with the very best in effective engine treatments. Their trade only products are used on a regular basis by over 8,000 garages in the UK to remove contamination and It has become very common to use Forte's products in normal servicing. Forté have over 40 years experience in the UK helping and advising garages on how to make a noticeable difference to a vehicle’s performance and enhancing customer satisfaction.

We currently offer three of Forte's products. Those include advanced formula motor flush, advanced formula petrol treatment and advanced formula diesel treatment.

To find out more visit Forté Lubricants (

Advanced formula Motor flush

The main job of the motor flush is to clean the engine before the oil is drained in order to ensure the fresh oil being put into the engine during a service isn't getting contaminated with used oil and debris.

Advanced formula Petrol treatment

The petrol treatment cleans the whole fuel system such as, restoring injection spray patterns, provides injector and upper cylinder lubrication, reduces valve and combustion chamber deposits, free sticking compression rings, prevent fuel system corrosion etc.

Advanced formula Diesel treatment.

The diesel treatment cleans the whole fuel system and carries out the same job as the petrol treatment but for diesel engines. It also prolongs the life of diesel fuel pumps and clears soot build up within the fuel system.

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